Past Events

Wildlife Management

The 5th International Wildlife Management Congress (IWMC 2015)

The 5th International Wildlife Management Congress, held in Sapporo from July 26 - 30, 2015, was the first IWMC Congress to be held in Asia Pacific, and brought together over 1,400 participants from 46 countries.
Sapporo's unique natural environment and exemplary practices in wildlife management were a perfect match for the goal of the Congress: to enhance global sustainability and the conservation of wildlife, as well as to recommend improved international models based on the latest interdisciplinary wildlife research. IWMC 2015 not only boasted a strong program, made all the stronger by local expertise, but also left a lasting impact on the community through CSR activities and youth outreach.
_The Value of a Meeting
IWMC 2015 was a catalyst for future collaboration, Rakuno Gakuen University and Sapporo City Government signed an Agreement on Policy Proposals on Biodiversity, as well as an invaluable opportunity to discuss and come up with solutions for some of the serious wildlife-related issues that faced Sapporo, such as the increasing appearance of brown bears and deer in urban areas.

_Taking Action
As part of a CSR initiative, delegates and citizens joined forces for a good cause, clearing out and cutting down thickets and tall grass along Toyohira River to prevent bear and deer intrusions into the city. To this day, citizens still gather along the river every year to repeat the process - talk about a legacy!

_Local Flair
The congress attracted a diverse lineup of exhibitors, including a local zoo and national parks from around Hokkaido. The networking events were also highly evaluated by the delegates, who were delighted by the selection of local dishes and wide array of Sapporo’s famous sweets.

_Generation NEXT
The younger generation wasn’t left out either, as a special symposium on wildlife management and preservation was organized for junior high and high school students from all parts of Japan, and received special coverage in the local newspaper. The IWMC also collaborated with one of Sapporo’s main summer events - Sapporo City Jazz, with a band from junior-high school performing at the Welcome Reception of the congress.