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Creating Original Items
 Creating Original Commemoratives

As an everlasting memory of your incentive tour, why not turn some of Hokkaido's popular commodities into your organization's original items? Company logos, mottos and/or a president's message can all be incorporated into the design and decided depending on budget and preference.
*Please inquire for further information regarding the requested number of items, price and manufacturing period.

[Music Boxes]

Music boxes can be made decorated with your company's logo and/or a specific date. Music box decoration workshops can be also be arranged. Original music boxes playing either your company's anthem or your favourite song can be made as well, and make a wonderful souvenir.
(The Otaru Music Box Museum)


[Ainu Handicrafts]

Craftwork of the Ainu, Hokkaido's indigenous people, is entirely handmade, and can be incorporated into your company's original souvenirs or commemorative items. Large wooden carvings produced from Hokkaido lumber are famous for their high degree of quality workmanship. A variety of items are available, including Ainu folklore inspired carvings of owls and woodwork with distinct Ainu patterns.
(Akan Ainu Industrial Arts Association, Debo's Shop & More)



Sapporo's neighboring city Otaru has long been famous for its beautiful glassware. Handmade paper weights, vases and glassware sets with vivid colors are popular among many tourists. Creating a small flower vase or Japanese sake glass featuring the company color is a fantastic way to commemorate your tour. Workshops that allow you to add your own illustrations or messages to glassware are also available.
(Otaru Unga Kogei-Kan, The Glass Studio in Otaru, Kitaichi Glass & More)


[Leather Goods]

Somes Saddle is an authentic leather craft manufacturer producing riding saddles. Visitors can make their own purses, pen cases and bags here.
(Somes Saddle)

[Yukata (light-weight cotton kimono-like robes) and Washcloths]

Yukatas and washcloths with your company color and logo can be produced. A variety of designs, from simple yet elegant to elaborate Japanese patterns are available. These yukatas and washcloths can be brought home as a souvenir of your trip to Japan.
(Yamato Shokai)


 Creating Your Own Original Items

Original welcome goods, souvenirs and party items can be created by adding your company's logo to them.

[Lavender Goods]

Lavender is one of Hokkaido's more famous representative flowers. Perfumes, soaps and aromatic pillows incorporating lavender's relaxing fragrance are popular with many tourists. An assortment of lavender related products can be prepared as souvenirs, and of course, furnished to your hotel as amenity items featuring your company's logo.
(Farm Tomita & More)



Your company's original label can be featured on renowned Hokkaido sake, wine and beer products served at parties. Japanese sake is also popular as a souvenir item.
(Tanaka Sake Brewery, Hokkaido Wein & More)


[Confectionaries & Sweets]

Hokkaido is also known for its delicious sweets. Employee photos and messages can be printed directly on the package, and can be used as souvenir items or hotel welcoming gifts.
(Ishiya Trading Co., Ltd., Shiroi Koibito & More)


[Winter Goods]

For winter incentive tours, original fleece lap robes, spectator coats, gloves and scarves can also be manufactured.



Original flags for golf tournaments and many other items can be produced to make your tour even more impressive. Popular local specialties such as ramen noodles and others can also be prepared as souvenirs featuring your company's original packaging. Please feel free to inquire for more information.


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