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 Sapporo’s Surrounding Areas

[Hot spring]

Hokkaido takes pride in being one of the greatest hot springs resort areas in Japan. You can enjoy a variety of healing properties of hot springs. Taking a bath while admiring magnificent natural surroundings is an experience best enjoyed in Hokkaido. Hot springs are particularly worth visiting during the snow season.
(Noboribetsu, Lake Toya, Kitayuzawa, etc.)


[Ainu culture ]

Hokkaido's indigenous Ainu people have lived here peacefully while respecting nature. There are facilities where visitors can learn about Ainu culture that has greatly influenced Hokkaido.
(Nibutani, Shiraoi, Pirikakotan, etc. )

[Golf courses]

Hokkaido has many good-quality golf courses where major international events are held. Golfing in the crisp air and magnificent natural surroundings is very popular.
(Sapporo Golf Club Wattsu, Nidom, etc.)

[Park golf]

Everyone can enjoy park golf that requires only one club. The number of park golf fans is increasing year by year and international events are held in Hokkaido where this sport was first played. Park golf allows family members of all ages and levels to enjoy playing together.

[Skiing & snowboarding]

Hokkaido's ski grounds are renowned worldwide for their good-quality snow, thus attracting more foreign tourists every year.
(Niseko, Kiroro, Rusutsu, etc.)


[Outdoor activities]

Rafting, canoeing, ballooning, parasailing and other outdoor summer activities allow you to fully enjoy the natural splendor of Hokkaido. Tree climbing is another activity that enables people to have a unique view from the tree tops. In winter, you can enjoy snow not only by skiing but also dogsled riding, snowshoeing and snowmobiling and other activities.
(Kutchan, Furano)


[Mountain climbing, trekking]

Mountains in Hokkaido attract a large number of climbers annually, partly because they offer opportunities to encounter rare alpine plants and wild animals.
(Niseko, Taisetsu)

[Drift ice diving]

The Sea of Okhotsk is thoroughly covered with drift ice in winter. Why don't you try diving under the drift ice? You may encounter Clione, “the angel of the drift ice ” or “sea angel”, in the fantastic world under the thick ice. Walking on drift ice is also recommended for those who are not in the mood to dive.


[Ice bar, ice hotel and hot springs on ice]

Why don't you try the ice bar and ice hotel made of ice? You can make your own ice glass and stay at the ice hotel. When it gets cold, you can warm yourself in the open-air bath on the frozen lake, which is available only in winter. You can also experience building an igloo by piling ice blocks.
(Lake Shikaribetsu)


In Otaru, the city known for its glassworks, you can try glass blowing and sandblasting to make your original works as a memory from the trip. Commemorative goods with a company logo may be good as souvenirs. You can also make an original music box. (Please contact Sapporo Convention Bureau regarding prices, etc.)


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