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 Within Sapporo City

[Appreciating music]

PMF, an international music festival founded by Leonard Bernstein, is held annually in Sapporo. There are a wide range of facilities to appreciate first-rate music here. Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara in Nakajima Park is particularly famous for good acoustics, which were admired by Charles Dutoit and other world-renowned musicians, and a majestic pipe organ. It is also recommended to hold a small concert by reserving a park and other facilities.
(Kitara, Moerenuma Park)


[Hands-on art & craft experience]

You will feel closer to art in Sapporo, as there are numerous art museums and sculptures. Some facilities here allow visitors opportunities not only to appreciate art but also have firsthand experience of art, such as cloisonne work, sandblasting (glasswork) and dyeing. Why don't you make an original work as a memory of Sapporo?
(Sapporo Art Park)

Sapporo Art Park

[Fruit picking]

Sapporo is quite an urbanized area but also has many fields where various agricultural products are grown. Tourist can enjoy harvesting at farms here, some of which offer programs of fruit picking. Tourist can enjoy both picking and eating strawberries, apples, cherries, prunes and other products.

[Pleasure flight]

A pleasure flight on the helicopter or light airplane is available from Okadama Airport within the city. At night you can experience a romantic flight with a commanding view of the city below sparkling like a jewel. In winter, Odori Park is beautifully lit up, producing fascinating scenery in the crisp air.
(Okadama Airport)

[Snow cave experience]

The snowy city Sapporo has restaurants where guests can enjoy dining inside a snow cave. Having hot dishes in the snow is definitely a unique experience.

[Spectator sports]

[Professional Baseball]
In 2004, Sapporo acquired its first professional baseball team. Approximately 50 games are held here during the baseball season from March to September. Be sure to experience the high level of play and enthusiastic cheers.

Consadole Sapporo, Hokkaido's first professional sport team, plays about 20 games annually at Sapporo's two venues. Sapporo also hosted the FIFA World Cup in 2002, indicating the high level of soccer popularity here.
(Sapporo Dome, Atsubetsu Park Stadium)

Sapporo Dome

[Ice Hockey]
Sapporo will host some games of the Asian League consisting of eight teams from four countries (Japan, China, South Korea and Russia). Companies can provide their own bench seats and rugs with company logos at their expenses.
(Tsukisamu Gymnasium)

Tsukisamu Gymnasium

[Ski jump]
Sapporo's two jump hills host not only major domestic events but also World Cups and many other international competitions. You can see up close the dynamic jumping of world-leading ski jumpers, and also try jumping yourself at attached facilities. Besides ski jumping, a variety of winter sport events (slalom, cross country, snowboarding, etc.) are held in Sapporo.
(Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium, Miyanomori Ski Jump Stadium)


[Race track]
Horse races are held from August to October at a race track downtown Sapporo. Even spectators not interested in horseracing will be sure to enjoy the races held in verdant Sapporo.

[Experiencing sports]

[Skiing and snowboarding]
Sapporo has many ski grounds, including Sapporo International Ski Area and Teine Highland Ski Ground, where international competitions are often held. These facilities boast high-quality snow and a variety of courses, enabling skiers of all levels to fully enjoy skiing. There are ski grounds with terrain parks where you can enjoy halfpipes, tabletops and rails and ski grounds where you can have fun trying other sports such as snow rafting, snowscoots and luge.
(Sapporo International Ski Area, Teine Highland Ski Ground)


[Horse trekking]
You can enjoy horseback riding with ease in Sapporo. Detailed instructions will be offered to people who have not ridden on horseback before. Horseback riding against magnificent natural backgrounds is truly worth trying. Horse trekking programs on the snow are also offered in winter.

[Trekking and mountain climbing]
Surrounded by mountains, Sapporo offers various opportunities to enjoy easy hiking and also try tough climbing depending on the time available and personal preferences.
(Mt. Moiwa, Mt. Maruyama, Mt. Teine, Mt. Soranumadake, Mt. Hakken, etc.)

Sapporo, a mecca for winter sports, has a facility that is used both as an athletic stadium in summer and as an ice skating rink in winter. There are also indoor skating rinks where you can enjoy skating in summer.
(Maruyama Track & Field Stadium, Tsukisamu Gymnasium, etc. )


[Cross-country skiing]
Cross-country skiing, also known as walking on skis, is popular among local residents. This sport can be enjoyed by people who are not so familiar with alpine skiing. Sapporo also has facilities for tubing (sliding down the slope on a tire tube), snowshoeing and riding a horse-drawn sled.
(Nakajima Park, Takino Suzuran Hillside Park, Sapporo Sato-Land Farm Park, etc.)

If you want to enjoy speed and adventure in the snow, snowmobiling is the thing to do.
Choose from a variety of options - just trying a ride, going through the forest on snowmobile, etc. With instructors' kind guidance, even beginners can enjoy snowmobiling with ease.

[Smelt fishing]
Smelt fishing through a hole on thick ice, an experience unique to Hokkaido, can be enjoyed even by beginners who have never tried it before. You do not have to bring your own fishing gear. The fished smelt is fried on site – the best way to enjoy the taste of this fish.


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