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Sapporo abounds with facilities for every size and purpose, and can accommodate a variety of events including important international meetings and gala parties.

 Major Convention Facilities / Party Venues

[Sapporo Convention Center]

Established by the City of Sapporo in 2003 and used to be operated and managed by the Sapporo International Communication Plaza, this facility is used exclusively for conventions. A large hall accommodating an audience of 2,500, a mid-sized hall with a capacity of 400, and many other types of conference rooms are available. This convention center can match many of your needs, from international conferences to exhibitions and receptions. Many of the latest in modern amenities are also available, including Internet access from anywhere inside the building.


Basic Charge Area Ceiling Height Dinner-Style
Seating Capacity
Seating Capacity
Large hall
2,600m2 12m 1,000 people 2,500 people
Special Conference Hall
692m2 11m 330 people 700 people
Mid-sized Hall
564m2 6.5m 240 people 600 people
Small Hall
240m2 2.8~4.5m - 191 people
*Various types of meeting spaces for small groups are also available.

[Sapporo Dome]

Hokkaido's largest all-weather multipurpose dome. The arena can be enlarged to a total area of 17,800 m2 . With a seating capacity of 42,831, this facility can serve as a venue for any type of events, including academic conferences and exhibitions.


Basic Charge Area Ceiling Height Seating Capacity Arena Capacity
Closed Arena
14,460m2 63m 42,831seats 10,000 people

[Moerenuma Park's Glass pyramid]

Designed by the late Isamu Noguchi and opened in 2003 as the core facility of Moerenuma Park. The 32-meter-high glass pyramid is ideal for those hoping to organize a unique party or impressive reception. The building is lit up in the evening, producing a fantastic, chic atmosphere enhanced even further by the facility's own French restaurant serving dishes made with locally produced seasonal ingredients.

Atrium 1) 863.6m2, basic charge: ¥16,600.
Atrium 2) 586.91m2, basic price: ¥13,600


[Sapporo Art Park]

Visitors can experience a variety of art-related activities in the lush, green park. The facility includes an outdoor stage, open-air and indoor museums, an art hall, and workshops where visitors can try hands-on craft making. Catering services are available from the restaurant inside.
(Scale, usage and price negotiable)

[Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium]

This facility was used as one of the venues for the 1972 Sapporo Winter Olympic Games. Lifts and a hilltop observatory command a panoramic view of the city below. The area is quite pleasant in summertime, and the attached Sapporo Winter Sports Museum with exhibition & hands-on areas attracts many tourists.
(Usage and price negotiable)


This Western-style hotel, built by the Hokkaido Development Commission, has a long and distinguished history. Each of the three recent emperors of Japan (Meiji, Taisho and Showa) stayed here, and the building is designated as a nationally important cultural property. Catering services are available from neighboring hotels and other facilities.
(Dining Hall: 81.25 m2 Basic charge:¥1,800 for 8 hours)


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