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As another special memory of your guests' trip, why not experience entertainment exclusive to Hokkaido? The choices in Sapporo are abundant, and just a few of them are listed below. Feel free to contact us to arrange these programs depending on your purposes and preferences.

 Ainu Dance & Music Price (travel fees and remuneration negotiable)

Several organizations throughout Hokkaido, including Ainu Moshiri and the Ainu Art Project, help to preserve the island's indigenous Ainu culture, passed down through generations. Tour participants can enjoy traditional Ainu dance performances arranged in a modern style. The display of various Ainu handicrafts can also be arranged. Please inquire for further information. photo

 Yosakoi Soran Dance (Indicated price: from ¥222,222)

Dance teams that participated in the Yosakoi Soran Festival (a major event held in Sapporo every June) perform their unique, wild dances to the distinctive Soran tune. With their characteristic sparkling, vivid costumes, naruko (hand-held noise makers traditionally used to scare birds away) and powerful performances, they can hype up any party. Performances by award winning teams from previous festivals can also be arranged. photo

 Rice-cake Making with Musical Accompaniment (Indicated price: from ¥266,666)

An event to pound rice cake to the accompaniment of flutes and drums. Guests can join in the fun by pounding the steamed rice with large mallets and then eat the delicious freshly-pounded rice for a truly Japanese experience. photo

 Japanese Drum(Hashimoto-style Hokkai Isami Daiko) (Indicated price: from ¥166,666)

Enjoy the powerful sounds of a taiko drum performance in the school of Jigoku Daiko (The Hell Drum), a drumming style that influenced the creation of Hokkaido's own ground-breaking drumming. photo

 Ice Sculpture (Price: negotiable)

How about brightening up your party with beautiful sculptures and plates made of ice? Be it a sculpture embedded with the bounties of the sea (crabs, squids, salmon, etc.), or dazzling your guests with flowers inside, these items are the perfect choice for a party here in the north of Japan.

 Sake Barrel Opening Ceremony (Indicated price: from ¥150,000 for a basic set.)

In Japan, a sake-barrel opening ceremonies are frequently held on auspicious occasions such as weddings, victory celebrations and anniversaries. The lid of sake barrel is cut open with a wooden mallet, and sake withdrawn from the barrel is poured into everyone's masu to have a toast. What better way to wish for the company's further success?

Note: masu, a type of small, square, wooden sake cup can also be given to participants as a souvenir of the trip, however the price of the cups and any customizing costs (printing of the company logo, etc.) will be charged separately.


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