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 Time Differences with Major World Cities (in hours, + or -)

Seoul +/-0 Bangkok -2
Beijing -1 Cairns +1
Shenyang -1 Sydney +1 (+2)
Shanghai -1 Wellington +3 (+4)
Taipei -1 London -9 (-8)
Hong Kong -1 New York -14 (-13)
Singapore -1 Chicago -15 (-14)
    Los Angeles -17 (-16)
Note: values in parentheses indicate daylight savings time

 Public Safety

Although Sapporo's population exceeds 1.9 million, public safety is excellent and compared to other cities of a similar size, incidents of crime are low. Visitors to Sapporo can rest assured that they can safely walk the streets of the city, even at night.


Japanese Yen (JPY) 100 JPY = 1.22 USD (as of May, 2011)


Sapporo offers excellent domestic and international communications services. The Internet can be accessed at Internet Cafes throughout the city and at major hotels.

 Driving Distances to Other Major Cities in Hokkaido

Otaru about 1 hour (40km/25mi) Furano about 2.5 hours (140km/87mi)
Chitose about 1 hour (40km/25mi) Obihiro about 3.5 hours (220km/137mi)
Niseko about 2 hours (100km/62mi) Wakkanai about 5.5 hours (340km/211mi)
Hakodate about 4 hours (300km/186mi) Abashiri about 5.5 hours (350km/217mi)
Asahikawa about 2 hours (140km/87mi) Kushiro about 6 hours (350km/217mi)

 Hokkaido History

Prior to the Meiji Era (pre-1868), Hokkaido was known as Ezo-chi, and inhabited primarily by the native Ainu people. After 1868 and the beginning of the Meiji Era, however, full-scale development began. Development was centered in Sapporo and carried out thanks to settlers from the main Japanese island of Honshu and innovative American and European technology.
As such, many buildings in Sapporo such as the Sapporo Clock Tower and "Akarenga", the Former Hokkaido Government Office Building, feature examples of European and American architectural styles. Add to this the large tracts of farmland different from anyplace else in Japan, and it might be said that from a historical background, Hokkaido could be thought of as somewhat European in nature.
Since the Meiji Era, Hokkaido has had a history of people throughout Japan banding together to establish new cities towns and villages. That tradition lives on today as well, as we warmly welcome those who travel here from far and wide.

 Basic Facts About Sapporo

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